Learn To Use Gasoline In A Responsible Manner

Posted on September 3, 2013

When dealing with gasoline, one always has to worry about the threat of a fire.  Even the fumes of gasoline could be flammable, and thus there needs to be steps taken to ensure safety.  A new report out Chicopee, Massachusetts relates some of the ways to do that.

If you’re simply filling up your car, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about safety unless you leave your car running.  Doing so puts your vehicle and the entire vicinity at risk.  Turn your car off while you’re filling up and respect signage that asks you to refrain from using your cellphone or smoking while you’re near the gas station.

The same precautions and more must be taken when you’re simply filling up a gasoline canister.  First, make sure you have an appropriate container.  A seal of approval from an agency like Underwriters Laboratory should be affixed to the telltale red canister.  Any items not designed for gasoline transport should not be filled.  It’s not acceptable to fill a 64 ounce soda cup just because you don’t have a gas can.

When you’re filling the gas can, make sure you’re leaving yourself enough room at the top, at least one tenth the size of the canister, in the event that the gas expands while inside.  When you’re through, affix the lid and hold the canister upright.  Rather than having it with you in the cabin, put it in the trunk in case of leakage or a car accident.

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