California Drivers Told To Be Wary Of The Swoop And Squat

Posted on September 18, 2013

A lot goes through a person’s mind when they’re involved in an automobile accident, a traumatizing experience that’s going to put those involved through the wringer.  Injuries could be incurred, repair bills will accumulate, and dealing with the other party and their insurance company is going to be difficult.  But many people probably don’t believe that the other party would stoop to actually forcing the crash to happen in order to get insurance money.

This is a problem that’s all too real on California freeways, and the Commissioner of the California Department of Insurance and the District Attorney are warning drivers about the threat.  They recently took to the Granada Hills-based Emergency Vehicle Operations Center of the Los Angeles Police Department to explain how these these situations play out.

The maneuver is known as a swoop and squat.  A vehicle will cut off another then slam on the brakes, forcing you to crash into the back of the automobile.  Suddenly, a witness will appear to back up the statements of the person who caused the crash, making you seem liable.

Injuries and financial difficulties can then arise, but the aforementioned officials did provide hints on how to avoid an insurance headache.  Get the police on the scene so you can file a police report.  Speak with an officer about your suspicions, and ask that he or she speak to witnesses, who may be not as inclined to speak to an officer.  Police can verify their identities and discover if they have a history of this type of behavior.

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