Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of By Financial Scammers

Posted on September 13, 2013

As people age, they unfortunately could find themselves the target of fraud.  It’s not uncommon for scam artists to prey on those they think they can confuse, bully, or otherwise take advantage of.  Thankfully, there are ways that older citizens can fight back against this type of shameful behavior, and Berks County, Pennsylvania offers a helpful tip sheet on the ways to do that.

You’ll first want to keep your information private.  In the modern age, it’s not uncommon for phones to be ringing off the hook by telemarketers and others attempting to wiggle into a person’s life.  When these calls (and even emails) come through, realize that no legitimate institution will ever ask for a bank account number, credit card, or Social Security information.  Whenever a communication attempts to “verify” or request this information unprompted, it should send up red flags.

It doesn’t matter if the offer sounds on the level.  Even the most legitimate-sounding enterprises, if they come in to you unprompted, are going to come with some sort of a catch.  If you really feel that something is worth your time, then take a few days to conduct research and speak with friends and family.  Tell the person on the phone this, or if they come to your door offering services, say the same.

This is typically when bullying will kick in.  Realizing they’re about to be found out, scam artists will insist that the offer only holds good RIGHT NOW and that you have to give them what they want or lose out.  Don’t buy into these tactics.  Shut the door or hang up and call the cops if they persist or get violent.

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