Arsenic In Rice Examined By The FDA

Posted on September 6, 2013

Concerns continue to be had about the danger that rice could have to a person’s health.  There are some who worry that arsenic within the food could accumulate and do damage to someone who consumes too much of it.  As a result, the Food and Drug Administration has been looking into just how great of a threat this would pose, and the agency has released a report relating some of their findings.

To reach this juncture, the FDA tested 1,300 rice samples for arsenic and its more toxic inorganic form.  The FDA concluded that each serving of a rice grain contains about 2.6 to 7.2 micrograms of inorganic arsenic, which shouldn’t be enough to have adverse health consequences.  Brown rice products tended to have more arsenic than did instant rice.

With that information in hand, the FDA now plans on initiating a risk assessment that takes into account various factors to figure out how big the threat might be to certain sections of the population.  For instance, the FDA will attempt to figure out whether or not women who are pregnant or kids would be more susceptible to arsenic in rice.

Until more information is readily available, the FDA stresses that rice is safe when eaten in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.  They also encourage that, rather than only giving infants rice cereal for their first solid meals, parents might introduce more variety into their kids’ diets.

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