XT60 and XT55 Aerial Devices Recalled By Terex Due To Injury Risk

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XT60 and XT55 Aerial Devices of the 1997 through 2009 model years are being recalled by Terex South Dakota because of a possible personal injury threat.  Just shy of 6,800 devices available on utility trucks are potentially affected by the recall.  The recall came about because the lower boom hinge pin boss located in the vicinity of the turntable could see the formation of cracks.  This could cause the boom itself to move around unexpectedly and lead the platform to come down, possibly injuring the person onboard and those beneath at the time that the incident happens.  There has been no indication yet as to when the recall is going to start.  Once it does begin, owners will be able to bring the Aerial Devices in to a dealer to receive free welding reinforcement.

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