Fire Threat Leads to Recall of 1,765 Buses By Eldorado

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Aero Elite, Aerolite, and Aerotech buses of the 2010 model year are being recalled by Eldorado-National Kansas.  1,765 vehicles are potentially affected by a fire threat associated with door headers from A&M Systems.  The 3230 circuit boards on the vehicles could experience high resistance related to voltage spikes that can contribute to damage among circuits and components.  If this situation eventually leads overheating to take place, a fire could break out on the buses.  There’s no indication from the announcement as to when the recall is going to take place, but the buses’ owners can expect to hear from Eldorado.  Free inspections of the door header will be carried out, and if a safety issue is detected, it will be fixed at no cost to owners.

Follow this link for more about the recall.