Parents Must Ensure The Integrity Of Their Children's Car Seats

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Last week was National Child Passenger Safety Week, but just because that event drew to a close doesn’t mean we can shut the door on car seat safety.  A new report out of Salt Lake City analyzes the importance of investing in the right car seat and recycling those seats when a child grows out of them.  The Safe Kids coordinator of the Health Department of Salt Lake County explains that most car seats expire after six years due to changes in their plastic structure, and as a result, it’s a bad idea for parents to pass car seats off between kids of widely varying ages or to purchase a used unit.  In regard to the latter situation, there’s always the chance a used seat may have been in an accident, which compromises structural integrity and undermines the viability of the seat.  The report also stresses the need to minimize environmental damage by recycling car seats rather than tossing them in a dumpster.

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