Puma Sighting Prompts Safety Insights From Burbank Police

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Earlier this week, a puma was spotted in the Burbank area, and now the police department of that city is offering a series of tips to residents in Southern California in order to help stay safe from mountain lions.  Residents are encouraged to provide supervision anytime a pet or a child is let outside.  So that you’ll be alerted should a mountain lion come around your residence, you can invest in motion-sensing lights, which have the added benefit of staving off a burglary.  By keeping foliage trimmed near your home, you also ensure that animals don’t have somewhere to hide.  Go out in a group if you hike, ride a bike, or otherwise work out outside, and if you ever come face to face with an animal, do not take off running.  Instead, be loud, make yourself look larger, and throw things at the animal.

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