Precautions Hunters Can Take To Avoid Accidental Discharge Injuries

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Various hunting seasons have started or are about to start in California, and if you plan on going out on a hunt anytime soon, it’s important to revisit the proper safety precautions so that you and those you share the area with aren’t placed in danger.  A new report out of Texas, while geared toward teal season, could largely come in handy for multiple types of hunters.

Safety begins before you even leave the home.  Because of the risks that go along with carrying a loaded firearm, you should tell a friend or family member your plan for the day, including where you’re going and when you’re going to come back.  That way, they can alert the necessary authorities should you not report back because you’ve been injured.

As you carry your weapon, you have to be aware of it as if it were another limb.  As you climb or move through underbrush, you always have to be cognizant of where the gun is located and where it’s pointed.  That way, you’ll be sure that the gun isn’t pointing at anyone else or at yourself.

That speaks to another point, which is that you should always act as if the gun is loaded and the safety is off.  When you’re of this mind, you’ll be far more cautious and unlikely to point the gun at someone.  And if an accidental discharge does occur, persons in the vicinity will not be harmed.