38,000 Pairs of Children's Pajamas Recalled Over Burn Risk

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The Secaucus, New Jersey-based The Children’s Place has announced the recall of one-piece cotton footed pajamas because of the products’ inability to subscribe to federal safety requirements.  The 38,000 or so affected pairs of pajamas, which were intended for kids between nine and 12 months, have bunnies on them.  A burn hazard is posed by the products because they fail to meet requirements in place to avert the threat of a fire posed by cotton kids’ clothing.  Specifically, they don’t adhere to the standard governing clothing tightness.  No burn or fire incidents have been reported, and to ensure that continues, owners can bring the products back to The Children’s Store, where they were sold between January 2012 and this past May.

For more about the recall, follow this link.