2.2 Million Dehumidifiers Recalled By Gree Due to Overheating Threat

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Dehumidifiers under a number of brand names (including Kenmore and Frigidaire) are being recalled by the China-based Gree Electric Appliances due to a serious fire hazard posed.  165 incidents have already been reported in conjunction with the defect that these dehumidifiers could suffer from, and of those, 46 involved a fire actually breaking out and doing damage to a structure.  While no one has thankfully been hurt at this point, there has been property damage worth an estimated $2.15 million.  Those fires are due to the units’ propensity to overheat and catch ablaze.  A whopping 2.2 million units are being recalled around the country, and owners should unplug the devices at once.  The company can be contacted by those looking for a refund.  The items were available around the country between 2005 and last month.

For more about the recall, follow this link.