Keep Car Seat Safety Paramount As The School Year Progresses

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As the school year gets started, it’s important to revisit the precautions that need to be taken in terms of car seat safety.  Attention to details may falter as the school year progresses and a routine is established, but it’s imperative that children always be fastened in an appropriate manner that will keep them as safe as possible.  A news release from the Hanover Insurance Group explains how to do so.

Parents need to realize the appropriate times at which to move a child up to a forward facing seat and a booster seat.  Depending upon your child’s age and size, the exact time to make the move will vary.  There are some parents, though, who progress from the booster seat to sitting in the back far too quickly.

In actuality, some kids aren’t going to be ready for the regular backseat until they’re 12 years old.  Children should be kept in a booster seat until they’re around four foot nine.  At that point, the seat belt in the backseat should be able to be attached in the appropriate manner.  Once your child hits about 13, they might then be transitioned to the front seat.

You also have to be ready for what to do in the event of an accident or recall.  Registering your car seat ensures that you’ll be kept abreast of recalls, and should an accident occurs, you would be wise to replace the car seat just to be safe.  That way, you know that the unit is capable of protecting your child should another wreck take place.