Blueberry Loaf Cake and Muffins Recalled Over Undeclared Allergen Risk

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16 ounce versions of Blueberry Loaf Cake and 14 ounce versions of Blueberry Muffins are being recalled by the Bubbles Baking Company due to a potential undeclared allergen hazard.  The recall pertains to 9,229 cases of the products available only in Arizona and California from Smart & Final Stores. The label fails to reveal to consumers the presence of soy and milk, and as a result, persons allergic to those substances could find themselves sustaining a dangerous reaction upon consumption.  No one has reported such an experience at this point in time, and to ensure that continues, owners are being asked to bring the food back to the store to get a new item or a refund.

For more about the recall, follow this link.