Sterility Fears Lead to Recall of Vancomycin and Bevacizumab By Avelia

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Vancomycin PF (BSS) 1% and Bevacizumab 1.25 mg/0.05 mL PF are being recalled by Avelia Specialty Pharmacy over fears that the sterility of the items cannot be assured.  These compounded products had been sent to Front Range Laboratories for sterility testing, but recent inspections by the Food and Drug Administration have revealed that the practices in place at the facilities may compromise the viability of that testing.  If sterility in fact cannot be guaranteed with the above products, patients exposed to the items could incur a serious infection.  No such incidents have been reported in association with these products at this time, and to ensure that continues, owners are being asked to cease usage and send the medication back to Avelia.

For more about the recall, follow this link.