Pulled Over Vehicles Require Additional Safety Precautions

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There are numerous unique situations that citizens are going to be forced to confront along the roads.  Depending on the types of obstacles that may await, drivers will have to take certain steps to protect themselves and others.  To that end, it’s important to consider some of the tips on hand from a Michigan State trooper in a new report.

First, and perhaps most important now that school has begun, is what to do should you ever come across a school bus.  If a bus is dropping off or picking up children, it’s simply not acceptable to dart around that bus, as you never know when a child hidden by the bus itself might be crossing the street.  Instead, the extended stop sign and flashing lights must be respected and drivers should exercise patience.

Caution also needs to be taken around construction areas.  Many road workers have scant protection when they’re out on a job, and it’s up to drivers to keep them as safe as possible.  Speed needs to be limited and dangerous maneuvers need to be avoided so that accidents can’t compromise the safety of such workers.

Finally, drivers must know what to do when they come upon an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing.  If possible to safely do so, drivers should cut back on their speed and put one or more lanes between themselves and the stopped vehicles.