NFPA Seeks Reduction In Kitchen Fires

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In just under a month, a safety campaign called Fire Prevention Week will be kicked off by the National Fire Protection Association.  As part of that initiative, the organization has put together a number of measures that seek to help parents and children alike reduce the risk of a kitchen fire.

They’re trying to reach children through the usage of a series of activities and tips featuring Sparky the Fire Dog and his similarly canine aunt.  Parents can find videos with those characters at the website dedicated to the campaign week (October 6 through 12).

Numerous other resources are being made available to help parents as well.  The Fire Prevention Week Quiz helps families test their preparedness, while Sparky’s Wish List Campaign seeks to help fire departments gain vital safety materials by allowing those entities to sign up to be eligible for donations.

Families are also asked to take certain precautions in order to ensure safety.  Supervision is urged when cooking any type of food.  If the cook has to leave the room for any reason, the stove must be turned off.  Kids should be kept away from anything used to cook food, as should items that could catch fire.  Finally, alcohol must not be consumed in large amounts if one is about to cook something.