$4.75 Million Settlement Against County of Riverside

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PSB Attorneys Adam Shea and David Rudorfer obtained a $4.75 million settlement against Riverside County, California for three people who were injured in a car accident as the result of a dangerous road condition.

On July 4, 2010, Brooke Wagner, Robert Wagner and Thomas Madril were traveling on Gilman Springs Road in Riverside County. A driver traveling on the same road in the opposite direction lost control of her vehicle, crossed into the opposing traffic lane, and violently collided head-on into the Wagners’ vehicle, causing serious injuries to all of the passengers.

Gilman Springs Road had a long history of similar accidents, with drivers losing control of their vehicles at a particular location on the road as a result of a negligent road design. With that evidence and expert analysis, PSB was able to demonstrate that Riverside County should compensate the Wagners and Mr. Madril for the injuries they suffered in the accident.

The County of Riverside has begun taking steps to improve conditions on Gilman Springs Road.