101,584 Lexus Vehicles Recalled By Toyota Due to Crash Hazard

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Lexus IS350, IS350c, and GS350 automobiles of the 2006 through 2011 model years are being recalled by Toyota because of a possible issue associated with certain bolts within the Variable Valve Timing System.  When the vehicle is started, the gear assembly of that system could create abnormal impacts that would cause the aforementioned bolts to come dislodged.  This can in turn lead to separation of the unit’s sprocket and gear housing, causing the engine to be disabled in the midst of transit.  This puts the vehicle in danger of sustaining a crash.  Owners of the estimated 101,584 automobiles affected by the recall will hear from Toyota once the recall starts (no date for that recall has been set at this point).  Owners will be able to get free repairs from a dealer at that point.

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