La Jolla Citizens Learn How To Safeguard Homes and Vehicles

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A member of the San Diego Police Department dropped into La Jolla recently to inform citizens about various safety precautions that can be taken in order to avoid things like burglary and assault.

First, there are certain steps that might be taken to prevent home burglaries.  Lighting can be used to illuminate the area in the immediate vicinity of the home.  That should be enough to ward off anyone who would attempt to approach under cover of darkness.  When you’re not home, you should flick on a few lights within the home so that it looks lived in.  Turning on a radio and shutting the blinds so that people can’t peek in is another great idea.

The officer recommended approaching your own home from the point of view of a criminal.  Think about how you would get in if you lost your keys and then take steps to eliminate those possibilities.  Make sure you’re locking all windows, and that they don’t open more than a couple inches when they are ajar.

The right precautions should also extend to your vehicles, whether you’re parked in your own driveway or a parking lot.  In a driveway, the garage door opener shouldn’t be kept in the car.  When you’re out, valuables need to be kept out of sight so that the vehicle doesn’t become a tempting target for thieves.