Verify Insurance Coverage Every Time You Rent A Vehicle

Posted on August 30, 2013

With the long Labor Day weekend here, many people might be renting cars during their trips.  It’s also possible that many drivers are wondering about what kind of insurance coverage they’ll be afforded when they do rent a car.  Getting these matters sorted out prior to your trip is essential, and thankfully, the Insurance Information Institute has provided some guidance for getting one’s insurance ducks in a row.

Your first step will be looking at your own policies to see if you’re covered.  An insurance agent and your available paperwork should be able to enlighten you as to whether or not the coverage you have on your owned vehicle transfers to anything you rent.  You’re going to want to ask about policies on things like the vehicle being stolen and whether you’re covered for towing and other applicable charges.

The credit card you use to rent the car may also afford you some insurance protections.  This will vary depending on your card and your specific policy, so it’s always best to speak with someone to figure out the situation before you rent.

If you’re worried about insurance coverage, you can always opt for the rental company’s insurance option.  Note that rental companies may have liability insurance at levels far below what you’re comfortable with.  That’s why it might be best to use your own policy limits when you can.  Still, even the rental company’s insurance is better than no insurance at all.

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