Taking Steps To Prevent And React To A Fire On A College Campus

Posted on August 23, 2013

Every month seems to receive some type of safety designation, and for September, one of those designations is National Campus Fire Safety Month.  With college students headed back into session, firefighters from around the country are attempting to get the word out about safety.  The Center for Campus Fire Safety in particular has released a tip sheet that should be recognized by all college students, and those tips are supplemented with advice from the fire department of Parkersburg, West Virginia.

When students arrive, they may be asked to participate in a safety drill at their dorm or their classrooms.  It’s imperative that college students participate in these drills and really listen so that they can be protected from harm in the event of an emergency.

By the same token, students must take any alarms that sound as seriously as they deserve to be taken.  The temptation will always be to just wait out the alarm, but this could put one at risk.  Disabling these alarms just so you don’t have to deal with marching out of the building is another poor idea and could actually place you on the wrong side of the law.  When you disable an alarm, you endanger others as well as yourself.

It’s also important for students to take prevention seriously.  With the proliferation of electronics in the modern age, there’s a paucity of available plug space.  But students need to be careful that they’re not plugging too many things into one outlet.  Surge protecters are a good investment.  Care must also be taken with candles.

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