Stay Safe When Confronted By An Aggressive Dog

Posted on August 16, 2013

A new report talks about the ways to stay safe when confronted by a potentially aggressive dog.  Though prompted by a recent attack by a pit bull, the author notes that pit bulls themselves are not inherently dangerous; typically, it’s how the owner treats the pit bull, and indeed any dog, that dictates their behavior.

If you’re walking around your neighborhood and you walk past an unleashed dog, then simply walk on by.  Do not approach that animal, as you don’t know its temperament or whether it considers the space you’re walking through to be its territory.

What you don’t want to do is show fear in any way.  If you turn your back or try to run away, the dog is more likely to give chase than they otherwise would.  Should the dog come after you anyway, try to get something like a backpack in front of you to ward off its attack.  Be aware of the signals that indicate an attack and that simply signal a friendly mutt coming to say hello.  If its teeth are bared and its ears are flattened, it’s probably not that friendly.

You’ll want to avoid falling if you can, but if you do fall, curl into the fetal position with your hands covering the back of your head and neck.  Hopefully, the dog will leave you alone.

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