Set A Safe Example For Your Kids At Home And On The Go

Posted on August 8, 2013

Parents with young children know that they can get into some perilous situations if left to their own devices.  What might be innocuous to adults can be hazardous to children unversed in matters of safety, and for parents hoping to overcome such perils, it might be helpful to consider the advice on hand in a new report featuring the guidance of a Virginia emergency doctor.

First, parents need to realize that their children are going to be watching them like hawks, and thus any unsafe activities that a parent takes part in will stick in their children’s minds as they age.  Therefore, if you want your kids to always wear a bike helmet, do the same when you bike.  If you want to stress safe driving to your kids early in life, don’t be distracted while they’re in the car.  Drive defensively so that they won’t be inclined to put the pedal to the metal when they get older.

If you have a swimming pool, take steps to keep kids away when you’re not around.  Don’t let flotation devices take the place of adult supervision.  And when it comes to young children’s tendency to climb anything they set their eyes on, you can keep them safe by making sure every tall object on hand in your house is tethered properly.  Televisions and book shelves should be kept anchored so that they won’t fall on an inquisitive child.

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