School Buses Receive Vital Safety Inspections From The CHP

Posted on August 23, 2013

Most California citizens probably picture the California Highway Patrol as the agency responsible for maintaining safety of the roads by pulling over citizens and responding to crimes that occur along state highways.  But one of the ways that the agency also ensures safety is probably overlooked by many, as it’s the CHP that’s responsible for verifying that school buses are capable of transporting children to school as safely as possible.

Specifically, it’s the agency’s Motor Carrier Division that’s tasked with carrying out inspections of the vehicles.  A new report out of San Mateo takes a look at the branch’s efforts ahead of the new school year.

The law stipulates that the CHP will carry out an inspection of the vehicles at 13 month intervals, and if the buses are unable to meet certain standards, they’re taken out of circulation.  Last year, such a suspension affected more than 100 buses in the Bay Area alone, and a news team’s investigation revealed a host of safety issues that triggered a violation.

Common hazards uncovered included things like suspension problems, steering issues, visibility impairment, and problems associated with the brakes.  In addition to the inspections carried out by the CHP, drivers are also supposed to do their part by giving the bus a daily once-over prior to transporting children.

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