Redondo Beach PD Encourages School Zone Safety

Posted on August 27, 2013

Today was set to be the beginning of the school year in Redondo Beach, California, and as a result, the local police department wants to do whatever it can to make sure students make it to school safely.  To that end, the agency has released a slew of safety tips that drivers can put into practice if dropping off children or simply moving through a school zone.

Over the summer, drivers may have forgotten about the various hazards that can present themselves before and after school and while class is in session.  The department thus wants drivers to be cognizant of the various risks that may crop up during these times.  Drivers must watch out for child pedestrians and keep their speed in check so that they can stop in time if a child crosses the street or a vehicle suddenly stops to drop off a child.

Minimizing speed can occur naturally when parents and other drivers give themselves plenty of time to reach their destination.  Drivers also have to be aware of stop signs in the area, and that includes buses that have come to a halt to pick up or let out children.  If a driver is able to identify red lights flashing on and off or a stop sign extending outward from the bus, they must stop in order to protect children.

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