Protecting Kids From Bullies As The School Year Gets Started

Posted on August 19, 2013

Although many parents hope it would never happen to their children, there’s always the chance that kids will fall victim to bullying during the new school year.  Even name-calling can prove harmful, and if that escalates to physical abuse, the threat is even more serious.  As the school year gets started, parents might take a look at some of the safety tips provided by the Stop Bullying organization.

One of the most important things you can do is speak with your kids about bullying.  They should know that they can come to you if they ever feel threatened at school.  Tell kids that they themselves should refrain from bullying others.

Kids are less prone to bullying and being bullied if they take part in various clubs and activities at school and after hours.  When with a group of like-minded individuals, the risk is mitigated even if it’s not outright eliminated.

Children should attempt to defuse situations if they can.  Humor or forcefully telling the person to stop can put an end to some conflicts, but not all.  If a bully persists, children should know some of the school officials they can speak to.  They should also understand that there’s strength in numbers and that sometimes the best strategy is to walk away.

Finally, parents should take an active interest in their children’s lives, asking about school, going to all events, and speaking with teachers on a regular basis.

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