Promote Safety No Matter Your Labor Day Plans

Posted on August 30, 2013

No matter what your plans are for Labor Day, it’s imperative that you make safety a cornerstone of all activities.  Whether you’re traveling around the country to visit any number of tourist spots or simply staying in and having guests over for a pool party or a barbecue, there are always going to be certain risks that you must take into account and take steps to avoid.  Thankfully, the American Red Cross has released a series of safety tips that all persons enjoying the day off that Labor Day affords should understand.

Some of the tips are focused on keeping yourself and guests safe if you’re having people over for a barbecue.  Placement of the grill is the first thing should can be taken into consideration to ensure safety.  Keep the grill a sufficient distance from your house and anything else that could act as kindling.  This is especially important if you live in an area beset by dryness and wildfires.

With that accomplished, you’ll want to make sure you’re sticking to overseeing the grill in a manner conducive to what has been suggested by the directions of the manufacturer.  For charcoal grills, that will likely include only applying lighter fluid conservatively at the very beginning of the cookout.  Do not risk tossing more fuel on the fire when the coals are already hot or burning.  Finally, make sure that kids know not to approach the grill and continuously supervise the grill so you can keep them and any pets clear of the area.

Perhaps swimming is more your style over Labor Day.  Whether hosting a pool party yourself or visiting a friend or loved one’s place for the same, make sure that someone is always supervising the pool.  If you’re going to a public pool or natural body of water, make sure that the venue benefits from the supervision of a lifeguard who can go into action when an emergency situation presents itself.

Of course, private pools often don’t have that advantage, which is why adult supervision is key when children are around.  Even older kids that have experience swimming need someone to look out for them, and when dealing with younger kids, a responsible parent should actually get into the pool with them.  Kids should also be provided with a life jacket if their skills can’t be assured.

Finally, do your part to boost safety even on the way to whatever event you’re headed to.  Tell those you’re visiting when you’re going to leave and have the route mapped out ahead of time so you’re not fumbling with a distracting map or cellular device at the wheel.  Refrain from alcohol consumption if you have to drive and just generally take the right precautions while on the road.

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