Promote Fire and Injury Prevention In The Workplace

Posted on August 9, 2013

Many articles about safety focus on preventing tragedies in the home, but those fail to take into consideration that area where people spend a good third of their days: the workplace.  A new article out of New York takes a look at what can be done to help prevent a fire in a work environment.  It’s important that you heed the advice so that you and your coworkers can be kept safe even in the midst of adversity.

At an office, there could be jockeying for the electrical outlets that are available, but this shouldn’t come at the cost of overloading an outlet.  One emergency official interviewed at the above link explains that people will bring appliances in to plug in but that doing so can overload systems.  To ward off danger, you can check with your company, which should have rules that govern appliances and usage of outlets.  Building codes must be met and maintained.

Although most jobs likely wouldn’t require combustible materials to be at your workspace, if you are near such items, or bring in something like a lighter or a set of matches, make sure you’re getting rid of them properly.  They shouldn’t just be placed in with other refuse, as this could pose a fire hazard.

You should also have an understanding of the emergency plans in place at your office.  Employers should test these plans out regularly so that they can be perfected and workers will know what to do should a fire or some other emergency take place.

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