Officials Explain How To Reduce The Threat Of Garage Fires

Posted on August 6, 2013

Although we tend to think that most home fires have their genesis in the kitchen, there are many which actually start in the garage.  A new report, prompted by two recent garage fires, finds representatives of the Moorhead, Minnesota Fire Department providing advice to citizens that would be applicable anywhere in the country.

Many fires are started on account of the sheer amount of stuff that people will store in their garages.  The Fire Captain notes that overflow which can’t find a decent storage spot elsewhere tends to finds its way into the garage.  Unfortunately, this can prove dangerous when dealing with hazardous materials.

You therefore need to be careful if you’re using your garage as a storage area for things like pesticides, gasoline, fertilizer, or anything else that could be set ablaze or even turn explosive if it makes contact with an open flame.  The items should be kept in their original containers, and if a shed is on hand, think about storing things there.  If not, the garage is still a better alternative to keeping such dangerous combustibles inside your home.

You also have to ensure those flammable items inside your garage don’t get exposed to heat.  Running a vehicle in your garage is inadvisable, as is starting a lawnmower in the vicinity of flammable materials.  Keep cords away from flammable substances and always have a fire extinguisher on hand in case a fire breaks out despite precautions.

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