Need For Pedestrian Safety Highlighted In Clark County, Nevada

Posted on August 19, 2013

California travelers headed to Las Vegas anytime soon should be aware of an ongoing pedestrian safety initiative.  Ahead of a board meeting tomorrow in which the County Commissioners of Clark County, Nevada are expected to officially endorse August as Pedestrian Safety Month, one Commissioner is asking for citizens to take the issue far more seriously and prevent a serious pedestrian accident in Las Vegas.  The move comes on the heels of a slow increase in pedestrian fatalities around the county, where 33 people died in 2010 but 42 died last year.  32 vehicle strikes have led to a death in Clark County in 2013 thus far.  The issue is of particular interest with kids about to head back to school.  Drivers are encouraged to minimize distraction and respect the rights of pedestrians crossing the street.  All other laws should also be followed in order to limit reckless maneuvers that could contribute to collisions.

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