Making Sure Medication Safety Extends To School

Posted on August 12, 2013

With school about to go back into session, parents across California are likely getting their children ready for the year that lies ahead.  But one area where safety shouldn’t grow lax is in your child’s medication needs.  Parents must be willing to encourage safe handling practices when away from parental supervision, and to learn how to do so, they might turn to the advice on hand from the Texas Poison Center Network.

First, parents should look into what their district’s polices are on medication and speak with school officials to settle upon an administration regimen and make sure no miscommunications could occur.  Oftentimes, a school nurse will be tasked with providing the medication at the appropriate time of the day.  When a child is responsible enough to take their own medication and if the district allows this, parents should speak with their kids about proper dosages and the importance of safeguarding that medication.

Kids need to understand that their medication is theirs and theirs alone.  It’s not to be shared with friends or even put someplace where another child would be tempted to consume it.  To that end, medication should be kept in its appropriate container rather than elsewhere so that other kids don’t confuse it for something else.

The same goes for inhalers.  Sharing is unacceptable, and a child should have an ample supply of their necessary medication in case of an emergency.

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