Make Sure Cyber Security Extends To Your Vacation

Posted on August 14, 2013

If you’re like one of the many Californians who are taking a summer vacation before school goes back into session, then it’s imperative that you make cyber security a part of your trip.  With the average family loaded up with more electronic devices than ever, citizens should heed the security advice contained in a new report.

First, realize that public wi fi connections are going to be potential security threats.  If you absolutely must use a wireless connection that doesn’t require a password, make sure you’re doing so only to check the most basic of sites.  Downloads are a bad idea, as is logging in to any account.

Worries about public wireless connections could prompt many to turn to their hotel’s business center computers.  But you must realize that that this computer doesn’t necessarily have the proper safeguards either.  Some previous guest or intruder may have installed malware or a virus onto the computer or some unsuspecting guest may have accidentally done the same by clicking on the wrong link.  As with public wi fi connections, avoid plugging in any passwords or sensitive information on such computers.

Finally, protect your devices from those who would physically attempt to swipe them.  Place a number of decals and even duct tape on the phone or laptop so it looks shoddier than it actually is, and make sure you’re saving everything to a backup spot in case someone takes the phone anyway.  Invest in a tracking system so that you know where your phone is when it’s lost.

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