Getting Kids To School Safely Takes Parental Assistance

Posted on August 12, 2013

Kids are going to be back to school before we know it, and a representative of AAA Arizona points out that the first couple of weeks typically bring an excitement that can contribute to accidents if parents and children aren’t careful.  A new report focuses on how to prevent such accidents with help from AAA and a local crossing guard.

Although kids will often be eager to see their friends and get a jump on the new year, that doesn’t mean that safety should be ignored.  Kids have to be willing to use the crosswalks as they draw near schools rather than simply dart across the street.  This is especially important in low-visibility areas, such as those between cars.  Assuming a motor vehicle will stop is a bad idea.

Although it might seem shocking to many adults, kids in elementary school now have their own cellphones, tablets, and various mobile devices.  Given such products’ potential to distract, parents need to tell their kids that they’re not to use these items on the way to school.  And those driving in school zones have to be willing to drive particularly cautiously in case such a distracted child walks into the street.

The crossing guard interviewed at the above link also tell parents to explain to their kids that they need to listen to crossing guards.  She also draws attention to the dangerous situation wherein a parent doesn’t use the available drop-off zone, opting instead to just stop in the road.  This is unacceptable.

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