Ford Looks to Space Robots For Hints About V2V Safety

Posted on August 27, 2013

You know you’re living in an age of innovation when, in an effort to improve vehicle safety, automakers are working with the persons responsible for building space robots.

The unique partnership is detailed in a new report.  The Ford Motor Company believes that, by working together with the Russia-based St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, they will be able to boost efforts to implement Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure technology.  To do so, the two entities will analyze how space robots communicate.

As vehicles move to a system where the onboard computers are actually interacting with one another in order to avoid a collision and improve efficiency, the worry is what could happen if the computing network suddenly shuts down.  Everyone has perhaps had to reboot their home router, but that can’t exactly be done on the road with a connected car.

Thus, Ford intends to analyze the networks being set up in order to allow machines up in space to conduct their duties.  NASA and various other entities are working on improvements to such systems so that robots given a certain task are able to meet the exacting demands asked of them.  Various networking solutions are being developed to allow for this, and Ford hopes that such methodology could be used to eventually respond to the needs of a vehicle network, particularly if an emergency takes shape.

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