Ensure Safety If Labor Day Plans Include Boating

Posted on August 30, 2013

If your Labor Day travel plans involve heading to a natural body of water large enough to accommodate boats, then there are certain safety precautions that need to be taken into account in order to ensure safety over the long weekend.  With that in mind, you might consider the safety tips on hand in a new report.

Although the temptation when one gets a couple days off of work is to indulge in alcohol consumption, that simply shouldn’t happen when on the water and in a boat.  Persons drunk at the wheel of a boat can be just as dangerous as those who who drive a motor vehicle while inebriated.

You can further ensure safety by making sure that anyone onboard a boat is wearing a life jacket.  And that’s not the only equipment that should be kept available.  Having lights in working order is essential if your’e going to be boating at night or if inclement weather comes rolling through.  You should also check all batteries and radio equipment prior to heading out.

If you’re going to be fishing or engaging in any activities that require a permit, get the necessary paperwork before you leave.  You should also obey any rules of the area.  That could include keeping your wake in check or staying out of areas you’re not supposed to be in.

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