Divers Urged To Take Proper Precautions By The Coast Guard

Posted on August 1, 2013

In a bid to limit the number of accidental drowning deaths in the Monterey Bay area and nearby environs of California, the Coast Guard is providing guidance to those persons who plan on taking part in recreational diving at some point this summer.  If you intend to engage in such an activity, it’s imperative that you do so safely.

An admiral with the Coast Guard points out that they’re often called in to provide rescue assistance to divers even though they’re not tasked with regulating such persons.  Monastery Beach, in particular, has developed a reputation as one of the most dangerous beaches for divers in the area.

Divers should know their abilities and not attempt to go beyond what they’re capable of.  That means understanding the various hazards that spring up underwater.  Cold temperatures and powerful rip currents don’t just adversely impact swimmers; divers could be imperiled as well.

Safety can be assured by first consulting with a doctor to verify that you’re capable of diving and then sticking to a regimen that’s right for you.  Go with someone so that you can help each other during an emergency, and practice what to do in dangerous situations.  Know how your buoyancy compensator can be promptly inflated and be ready to drop your weight belt if need be.

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