Crashes Put Sprint Car Dangers In The Spotlight

Posted on August 22, 2013

Following a series of recent wrecks, some of which proved to be fatal, many people are questioning the safety of sprint cars.  Specifically, there are those who worry that the open wheel winged cars are built in a way that doesn’t offer the same protection afforded by the much heavier NASCAR vehicles.

What appeals to many participants and viewers of the sport is precisely what makes it so dangerous.  One Sprint racer pointed out that safety measures are being worked on but not at a rate that addresses all potential hazards.  Even the CEO of World of Outlaws concedes that the very nature of open wheel racing dictates that a car is going to flip when it catches a wheel.

He points out, though, that knowing this is going to happen means that more time should be spent protecting the driver when a flip does occur.  He cites a heightened weight requirement, chassis safety developments, roll cages, and head restraint technology as some of the ways that safety is being improved.

But that doesn’t address the state of dirt tracks, which aren’t always surrounded by the SAFER walls that NASCAR uses.  So although inspections by insurance companies are carried out and emergency responders are on hand at events, there is still the worry that a crash could end up in the stands.

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