Concerns Arise Over Potential Hazards Posed By Trampoline Parks

Posted on August 13, 2013

Officials are growing increasingly concerned that trampoline parks pose an unreasonable threat to public safety, and as more and more reports of injury arise, lawmakers in California and Utah are currently seeking to crack down on the threat.

A law moving through the California legislature would force such parks to submit to regulations not dissimilar to what amusement parks would have to go through.  The law being considered would also task overseers with going through injury prevention training, require insurance to be taken out in case of injury, and stipulate that any injuries that take place on the property are to be reported.

Officials in Utah are following California’s lead on this subject, with the Health Board of Utah County looking into the adoption of a mandate that would require injury reporting, supervision, and signage warning participants of the potential threat posed by jumping in a trampoline park.

For those that are unaware, trampoline parks are basically large warehouse structures that accommodate a number of trampolines lined up next to each other so that persons can take part in things like trampoline basketball and other activities.  There are an estimated 160 such parks around the globe.

Anecdotal evidence suggests safety is far from assured at these parks.  The Utah Valley Regional Medical Center has seen 52 serious injuries between May 2011 and November of last year.  Those injuries even included a victim or victims being paralyzed.

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