Caltrain Enacts Pedestrian Safety Campaign With Help of Students

Posted on August 15, 2013

In an effort to reduce instances of pedestrians being struck by trains because they’re walking on the tracks in an inappropriate manner, Caltrain will be using grant money to raise awareness about the importance of safety in this regard.

The grant derives from Operation Life Saver in conjunction with the Federal Transit Administration.  Operation Life Saver’s work with Caltrain has previously led to the development of numerous safety initiatives.  Caltrain’s Tracks Are For Trains signage is fairly explicit in its message to pedestrians, while other programs like the Railroad Watch and the Rail Safety Relay further seek to stress the importance of taking train safety seriously.

This latest initiative will enlist the help of the Fresh Takes digital arts program, which offers kids the chance to get more involved with the development of films.  Caltrain is asking members of the organization to put together a series of videos which seek to get various demographics to take safety around trains seriously.  The final products, which will be geared toward such people as distracted walkers, teenagers, and other types of commuters, will premiere at the Caltrain Film Festival in September, just in time for Rail Safety Month.

The hope is that having youths create these videos will allow for a connection to viewers that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

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