Beverly Hills Police Encourage Safety As Kids Head Back To School

Posted on August 14, 2013

With kids in Beverly Hills headed back to school today, the police department of that city has issued a series of safety tips in the hope that accidents can be avoided.  No matter where you live in California, the advice on hand would be worth acknowledging so that you can protect your children and those of others.

If you’re dropping off your kids, you can encourage safety before even starting your car by leaving the house at the right time.  When you have plenty of time to make it to your destination, you’ll be far less likely to engage in dangerous maneuvers that could endanger you and others.

This is particularly important when you draw near to a school and are required to adhere to the lessened speed limit in the area.  Whenever kids are present, you should be lowering your speed and readying yourself to press the brakes if they dart out into the street.  You should also come to a full stop at stop signs rather than slowly rolling through.

If your kids’ school has a crossing guard, make sure you listen to them and give kids the right of way at all times.  Pull into the designated drop off area rather than awkwardly stopping in the middle of the road next to parked vehicles or in any kind of red zone.   And once your kids are on their way, make sure to continue forward rather than make an ill-advised U-turn, which can be dangerous near a school.

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