Be As Safe As Possible When Using A Chainsaw

Posted on August 16, 2013

If you’re going to be using a chainsaw to get through any yard work this fall, then you need to be able to do so safely.  Thankfully, a new report provides some helpful advice that should help you cut through things in the safest manner possible.

First, you shouldn’t take a one size fits all approach to the environment.  Different chainsaws are designed to be used for different applications.  When pruning trees, it’s best to use a light chainsaw that offers more mobility and poses less of a risk.  Of course, when you’re cutting larger branches or chopping down a tree entirely, then you’ll want to graduate to a larger unit.

Before you saw anything, you have to make sure that the unit is in adequate condition.  Check the chain to see if any damage has accumulated since the last time you used it, especially if you’ve sawed through something more substantial than just a few branches.  If you notice the chain has become dull, sharpen it carefully, and don’t wait too long to do so.  A dull chain leaves you more privy to injury, as it increases strain on your body and in turn the risk of an accident.

Finally, don’t raise the chainsaw above your head if you can help it, as you could drop it or the branch you’re cutting could strike you.  If need be, climb up into the tree if you can do so safely.

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