292,879 Chevy Cruze Automobiles Recalled By GM Over Crash Risk

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Chevy Cruze automobiles of the 2011 and 2012 model years are being recalled by General Motors due to a potential crash threat posed.  Each of the 292,879 affected vehicles will have a 6T40 front wheel drive transmission, a 1.4L DOHC gas turbo engine, and an electric vacuum pump capable of assisting stoppage power when the brakes are applied.  That latter pump is in danger of failing, and thus the braking assistance that the driver could be relying on may fail to do its duty.  Thanks to the increased time and distance it can then take the driver to bring the vehicle to a halt, a crash becomes a possibility.  Owners will be contacted once the recall starts (no word yet on when this will be), and dealers will carry out free repairs.

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