New Fatigued Driving Regulations Have Some Commercial Drivers Upset

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Some truckers are expressing frustration at the Department of Transportation’s and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s new rules put in place to limit the threat of fatigued driving.  Average work weeks will now have to be no more than 70 hours, which is down by 12 from the previous rules.  In addition, a trucker can only reset this clock once a week, and they can only do that if they can prove that they were resting between 1 and 5 am on two days of the week one after the other.  11 hours is the maximum amount of driving that can occur per day, and every eight hours must necessitate a half hour rest break.  One father-son team worries that their rest will actually be disrupted because they’ll have to switch from night to day shifts and vice versa rather than one always taking the day shift and the other always driving at night.

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