940 XF 2.0L GTDI Vehicles Recalled By Jaguar Due To Crash Hazards

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XF 2.0L GTDI vehicles of the 2013 model year are being recalled by Jaguar Land Rover North America due to an issue with the Charge Air Cooler’s hose clamp.  940 vehicles are potentially affected by this safety issue, which would find the clamp getting caught in the wrong position and loosening as a result.  This can lead to a complete hose detachment, which may prompt a stalling of the engine in the midst of traffic.  Braking and steering ability would also be compromised when the issue presents itself.  Either of the situations could contribute to a crash threat.  When the recall starts around September 27, owners should start hearing from Jaguar.  A free inspection of the hose and any necessary tightening will be conducted by dealers.

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