Protect Your Home With The Use Of Fire Extinguishers

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One safety device that can dramatically reduce the risk of a fire is sadly lacking in many households across the country:  a fire extinguisher.  Having the right fire extinguisher handy can keep your family protected in the event that all other precautions fail to eliminate the threat.  A new report finds the Fire Chief of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts offering tips geared toward extinguisher safety.

Citizens are best served when they have a fire extinguisher capable of putting out all three types of fires that might spring up in a household:  Class A, a combustible fire, Class B, a liquid-based fire, and Class C, an electrical fire.  Although extinguishers can be purchased which focus on one type of fire, consumers can cover their bases with an extinguisher that covers all types and that has been approved by Underwriters Laboratories, as indicated by a UL label.

Having more than one of these fire extinguishers is also important.  You’ll want to keep an extinguisher in each high-risk area of the home.  For instance, it’s advisable to have an extinguisher by a fireplace, in an area filled with numerous electronics, and definitely in the kitchen.  For the latter space, the extinguisher should be far enough away from the stove that you won’t be endangered by trying to reach for it if a fire breaks out.

Extinguishers should be replaced as needed, and they shouldn’t be used after they’ve already been called upon to fight a fire.