Tire Safety Grows In Importance On Road Trips

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One thing that vacationing families can’t overlook as they get ready to head out on summer road trips is the state of their tires.  Rather than simply setting out for the great wide open, one must take certain precautions to ensure safe passage.  A new report out of Kansas explains how with advice from Hankook Tire.

First, you should check that your tires are free of damage that could indicate a structural issue.  Bulges and cuts may prompt a visit to a local repair facility.  If there’s no visible damage, the next step will be verifying that the tires have adequate pressure as outlined in the owner’s manual.

Although many vehicles are now being sold without the addition of a spare tire onboard, it’s important to have one if available.  That way, a tire blowout or flat doesn’t cause you to completely alter your travel plans.  If, however, it’s simply not possible to get a spare, at least make sure you’re checking tire pressure on a regular basis.

Be sure you’re not overloading your vehicle with more weight than the tires are capable of safely carrying.  It can be tempting to do so when traveling across the country, but doing so is inadvisable.  Also make sure that you’re conducting regular tire maintenance even when not traveling large distances.  Rotate your tires as needed and purchase new ones as suggested.