Take The Proper Precautions When Hunting With A Bow

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Many hunters opt to use a bow and arrow rather than a gun, and while many of the same safety precautions that need to be taken stay the same, there are certain key differences that citizens must be aware of.  A new report out of Salt Lake City, Utah details the ways safety can be assured when hunting using a bow.

A representative of Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources explains how safety can be improved by securing yourself before you fire a shot.  If you’re using a tree stand, you need to be confident that it’s capable of supporting you as well as your equipment.  And rather than simply climb up with all of your heavy gear strapped to your back, leave it behind while you climb.  Use a harness that will prevent your fall, and pull up your gear after you by securing it to a haul line once you’re fixed to the space.

Of course, the bigger threat may lie in an unintended shot that injures you or others in the vicinity.  The best thing you can do is keep your arrows stored when you’re not ready to shoot.  An accidental discharge is a possibility even if the bow isn’t yet taut.

There’s also a risk even when you’re simply holding an arrow in your hand.  When you do so, it could slip out or even slide against your own bare skin while still in your grasp.  This can cause a severe laceration to you or anyone you’ve traveled with.