Distracted Driving Tickets Abundant in Yuba and Marysville

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A new report focuses on the anti-distracted driving efforts of police in the cities of Yuba and Marysville during an operation that took place all throughout Sacramento and the nearby area until the end of June.  Called “Phone In One Hand, Ticket In The Other,” the operation netted 600 tickets between the two cities.  All across Sacramento, 12,000 people found themselves on the receiving end of a ticket.  A Sergeant with the Marysville Police, which was able to net more than twice as many drivers as Yuba, explained that one common tactic used to catch distracted drivers was to have officers work in teams of two so that one could identify an offense and the other could pull the individual over.  That same Sergeant compared distracted driving to a drive-by shooting in terms of the threat posed.

Follow this link for more about the effort.