Water Watchers Can Improve Swimming Safety

Posted on July 8, 2013

Most everyone has heard of the concept of a designated driver, but have you heard of something known as a “Water Watcher?”  If not, and if you plan on attending any kind of get-together near a body of water this summer, it’s imperative to learn about this vital duty among responsible adults.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission believes that a designated water watcher can go a long way toward preventing drowning deaths this summer and throughout the course of the year.  Far too many backyard and beach activities don’t entail the level of responsibility that they should among participants.  And with 5,100 swimming accidents and nearly 400 drowning deaths occurring every single year among kids younger than 15, safety is as important as ever.

Having a water watcher means that someone will always be keeping an eye on the water to look out for signs that could be indicative of an accident.  This adult should focus directly on the pool.  Cellphones should be silenced, reading materials should be kept away, and they should limit any other type of distraction that a pool party might entail.  The Watcher designation should alternate between attendees so that attention doesn’t lapse after being out in the sun too long.

Safety can further be encouraged by first looking in the water should a kid go missing and by keeping vital life saving equipment on hand at all times.

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