Tips on Safely Riding To Work On Your Bicycle

Posted on July 25, 2013

Many people will seek to take advantage of beautiful summer weather by cycling to and from work.  The problem is that it can get pretty hot in Southern California, and persons who don’t steadily work up to the length of their route could find themselves becoming exhausted and maybe even falling off of their bikes and suffering a serious injury.  To prevent that, cyclists should take a look at the tips on offer from a new report.

Cyclists should exercise regularly prior to going on a lengthy trip.  Ride at night and on weekends first so that you know you’re capable of the trip to the office.  If you do feel yourself getting excessively winded, take a break.  The last thing you want is to faint while on a moving bicycle, an action that could throw you into traffic or at the very least cause you to make a rough impact with the concrete.

You should strive to go to work early before the sun reaches its apex, and your clothing ought to provide you with ample breathing room.  Bright colors are a great idea for the dual reason that they won’t turn up the heat and they’ll alert motorists to your presence.  Drink plenty of water along your route, but eliminate other types of distractions that could prove dangerous.

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